July 17, 2014

Five Years

Five years ago on Sunday Jim, myself, and two of our friends met in Rittenhouse Square Park in Philadelphia exchanged some meaningful words and signed our names to a piece of paper. Jim and I drove to Ink's Lake to spend the day celebrating the fifth year of our marriage. It was so hot, perfect for swimming all day long. Clementine came with us, of course, and we brought her in the water with us and she was a very good swimmer. The water was gloriously warm and there were super high rocks that you could jump off of. We packed a picnic of delicious food that we inhaled, because you are always starving after swimming for hours. After eating naturally we swam a little more, then took a nice hike on a trail that had such amazing views. We left at magic hour and on the way home e went to P. Terry's and got burgers. For dessert we ate some delicious raw chocolate carrot cake that I made. It was a perfect end to a great day of soaking in nature and relaxing.

July 10, 2014

What's in your bag?

Clockwise from top left: 1) My bag: Kate Spade2) Car keys, vintage peace sign keyring, leather heart. 3) Emory board. 4) Moleskin journal with two Micron pens. 5) Green leather owl wallet from Eye's Gallery, Philadelphia. 6) Cheap pink shades. 7) Little silk bag incase I pick up something small while out. (Austin is a plastic bag free city.) 8) My phone, the Samsung Galexy S4 Zoom. Great because I don't have to bring a camera everywhere. 9) Beaded coin purse my mom got me somewhere in the Caribbean. 10) Burt's Bees Hand Salve. 11) Compact mirror. 12) Sample of Benefit's Coralista Ultra Plush lip gloss. 13) Tarte lip tint: Enchanted. 14) Patchouli essential oil. 15) Benefit Benetint lip balm.

I was inspired by the ladies at Oh So Lovely Vintage to make my own "What's in your bag?" post! I was completely honest about it, too. This is literally the stuff I carry around day to day. (Well, truthfully there are generally some receipts stuffed in there too.) I like to keep a small bag, so that there's really only so much stuff I can fit in there! It keep my life less cluttered and more simple.

July 09, 2014

Recent Eats

Rosemary, thyme, and sage all grown in our yard.

Coffee is a rare indulgence for me and Radio serves Stumptown Coffee. Stumptown is such a treat for a North Easterner here. 

Pricey, but so worth it. Coracao Confection's Caramel Bar is insanely delicious. So incredibly rich, it's nice to share!

Jim prepared some nice steak and artichokes. Simple and so delicious.

My ginger kombucha and Primal Chocolate's 72% Cacao Almond & Sea Salt. Unbelievable chocolate sweetened with maple sugar.

Fruit Poop from Health Box! Obsessed with the Strawberry Poopcake.

Salads are a major staple for me. This is: Turkey bacon, avocado, cucumber, and baby Romaine. 

It's no secret among those who I am close to that I am an absolute chocolate fiend. I love to support small craft chocolate makers, especially those who choose to use the highest quality and best for you ingredients. I personally follow a modified Paleo diet pretty close to this because it makes it so that I don't have to take medication for my thyroid disorder. I can manage it completely through diet, which is why I believe it's so important to put good quality things into your body. Your health is a direct result of your diet and lifestyle choices, and I feel best when I am making good healthy food choices. That's not to say that I advocate being super rigid with your eating habits. Not at all. I think it's all about balance, really. Eat mindfully, lots of fresh green veggies and quality grass fed meats. And if you're going to eat a little chocolate, make sure it's really great chocolate and enjoy it!

July 07, 2014

Last Week In Pictures

Clementine and I tagged along with Jim while he played disc golf. 

The course is beautiful.

There are magical pink trees all over Austin right now.

Ludwig hung out with me while I painted things.

I painted a little bluebird.

Took a walk around the lake <3

June 26, 2014

My day: One Photo Every Hour!

10:00 am: It's my day off, so I sleep in. I wake up to these two.

11:00 am: I get myself ready for the day and have some tea.

12:00pm: I make myself a salad.

1:00pm: Clementine and I walk five miles with Missy!

2:00pm: We walk around lake Austin,  it was gorgeous today!

3:00pm: I stopped at Health Box to get some fruit poop with chocolate on top. Amazing.

4:00pm:  Made it back home. Ludwig was keeping watch.

5:00pm: I made dinner. Pulled turkey and parsnip carrot mash. It was delicious!

6:00pm: I played on my rope a bit in the yard.

7:00pm - 8:00pm: I went to my kung fu class.

9:00pm:  Jim came home and we sat outside because it was such a nice evening.

10:00pm: We found a tiny baby praying mantis and let him go in the peach tree.

June 23, 2014

Last week in Pictures

I have Tuesdays off and it's nice to wear normal clothes!
I got some white flowers and hung with Clementine and Ludwig for a bit.

Tuesday evenings I have some aerial friends over to play! This is Becca.

Wednesday I walked with Jim while he played disc golf.

Clementine is always happy.

Saturday I performed for Brass Ovaries at Edible Austin's Sipping Social.
I had a great time :)


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